Oct 25, 2014

Levator Stern Mount

Had the chance to test out the GoPro kayak stern mount made by Jackson Kayak called, Levator. To start, the Levator is pretty lightweight and stows in the back of your kayak pretty easily for the paddle in or a sketchy drop. The hook which attaches to the bow or stern grab loops secures itself easily and quickly with the turn of a screw.

Something to watch out for when you first use one is that the shaft and everything else is tight and aligned so the mount doesn't spin around and ruin your shot. The Levator comes with a small screwdriver that can easily fit in a PFD pocket. Bring it along in case you need to "retighten" anything on the river.

Once you've spent a little time with this mount you'll start to figure out what you can do with it and what else you can mount it to, not just kayaks! Here's a little video I made while paddling Tumwater Canyon this summer. A fun accessory that'll give new perspective to some of the best sections of river!!